257 East 15th Avenue, Unit 1 bdrm
Address: 257 East 15th Avenue, Unit 1 bdrm
City, State & Zip: Columbus, OH 43201
Bedrooms: 1
Monthly Price per Student: $225
Total Monthly Price: $450
Total Security Deposit:$450

Student HousingScarlet and Gray Properties257 East 15th Avenue, Unit 1 bdrm

257 East 15th Avenue, Unit 1 Bdrm

Website:   www.osuapartments.com
This apartment has 1 floor, 1 bedroom, and 1 bathroom.
It is located 1.3 miles from campus. Pets are not allowed. If 2 students shared this place, each would pay $225 per month. The total initial deposit cost is $450.
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Joey says:
This is an Apartment.
Located in the Central University District
The move in date is TBD-Sept. 09
The move out date is 8/30/2010
The lease term is 12 mo
mini blinds1 bathroom 
Features include: central a/c, laundry facilities in the building, off street parking, on street parking, stove, refrigerator, deck or porch.


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